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Electric Milk Frother

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  • 4 Frothing Settings: Latte, heating & frothing milk, heating milk, and frothing cold milk.
  • Nonstick interior coating for easy cleaning
  • Easy One-touch Operation
  • Auto shut-off for safe operation
  • Detachable base
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Turn your kitchen into a coffee bar and transform from a chef to a barista with our Automatic Electric Milk Frother. In minutes you can have perfectly heated milk with a smooth texture and sweet taste. With 4 different settings, you’ll be able to make any type of coffee you desire in just minutes-all you need to do is click the button.

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Top customer reviews
June 7, 2018
This is an amazing frother that we love using as a family ! Me and my husband love to froth the milk for our lattes and kids just love the heated frothed milk . Kids add cocoa sometimes to the finished milk and it's so so good ,frothy and warm :))) cleans really easy because of the nonstick and looks good .
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May 2, 2018
Just used it for the first time. LOVE IT! dense foam on a caramel latte. So cool. Cannot wait to try it in the morning in a coffee. It is a inexpensive way to treat yourself. DO you need one? probably not but it is the little pleasures in life that make it so.. After reading reviews I chose the Chef Star and will not overfill like so many seem to had done. Easy to clean. Take care with the little wisk thingy. If it starts to fail I will review again but for now I am totally happy.
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April 19, 2018
I just used my milk frother for the first time on my morning coffee, and it was delicious. This little device turns 2% milk into a thick, or light and airy, if you prefer, topping for your hot or cold drink. Although I read all the directions about hot, cold, thick, airy, making cappuccino and hot chocolate that came with the frother, I bought it because I love thick steamed milk on my coffee, and the idea being able to make it at home appealed to me. The Chef's Star delivers - my morning coffee was decadent!
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D. Kim
D. Kim
April 18, 2018
This is a great milk frother, perfect for turning espresso shots (from my espresso machine) into rich lattes. The frother turns out a much better foam than the espresso machine. There are four density functions. So far, I've only tried the hot foam choices (there are two) and the cold milk frothing. I don't have a need for hot milk, so I haven't tried that one yet. The machine works every bit as good as the product description claims. It's easy to clean, too. Just run it with a bit of water and the whisk rinses clean. Overall, this is one product that has got it right.
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April 14, 2018
Easy to use, easy to clean. I’m now switching to making my lattes and cappuccino at home thanks to this and my espresso maker. A winning combination. Comes with a short users manual and a cheat sheet I’ll display for a while by the frother. I would recommend this product over the wands any day!
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Pamela Tran
Pamela Tran
April 11, 2018
I can make cappuccino at home! I love this product and use it every day. It is wonderful because;
It makes lovely foam, it's easy to use, it's pretty quick. Dense or airy settings for foam - it can also make hot milk or cold foam. It works perfectly with whole milk, and the only downside is that it won't work (yet!) with almond milk. I will try soy or other brands. Worth it for cappuccino lovers who don't want to pay a zillion dollars for a cap maker. I'd buy it again.
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Pamela Clinton
Pamela Clinton
March 30, 2018
Oh my! Will I ever be able to live without this?? I received this milk frother yesterday and it warmed and frothed my milk into a cloud while virtually making no noise. The froth was dense and wonderful. I sprinkled some vanilla powder on top, WOW !! Pure lux. Yummm. Get it is what I would say to my friends, you won’t be sorry.
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March 27, 2018
My husband and I love this! After we decided we didn't want to heat milk in the microwave anymore we started looking for alternatives and found this. We mostly make our coffee at home and before finding this product, our coffee was always OK nothing special about it. But I didn't even know they sold these! You can choose between just heating the milk and creating light or heavy foam, as well as a few other nice settings, its really awesome! Its like the coffee you would get at your local coffee shop except it doesn't cost you as much.
I'm so happy we found this, we don't make coffee without.
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February 11, 2018
This frother works great. It has several settings depending how dense you want the foam and it can also just heat milk if you don’t want it whisked.

My son tried making hot chocolate with airy dense froth and he liked it. I just got a Nespresso machine from the Treasure Truck and made my first cup of coffee. I hit the button once to make a dense froth macchiato. I added the froth to the espresso with a little stevia, and it turned out great! The froth was perfect consistency and the right temp.

The machine is nice and small too; it doesn’t take up much counter space. For $40, it’s a great addition to any espresso machine.
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February 11, 2018
I absolutely LOVE this! Made every penny back from purchase by making coffee at home now!
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