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Compact 2-Slice Toaster
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  • Extra-wide slots with self-adjusting guides which adjust to any width
  • One-touch function controls with LED-indicator lights and 3 buttons that allow you to cancel, defrost, and re-heat
  • Premium quality toaster made with brushed stainless steel sides
  • Slide-out crumb tray
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This lovely little kitchen must-have brings you perfectly toasted bread every time. With 7 different toast options, the Compact Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster lets you decide how you want your ideal slice. The extra-wide slots adjust to any width, keeping the bread in perfect toasting position the whole time. The easy slide-out crumb tray makes for a simple and easy clean up. Make toasting effortless by adding this gadget to your kitchen.

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Overall rating
9 reviews
Tobox Customer
28 March
Everything is great! I love it!
Happy Gram
5 February 2018
I was extremely happy with the look and quality of this toaster.  I needed a replacement since my old one have up a few weeks ago.  This one toast evenly and without burning.  It is lightweight and easy to store.
Cody Carlson
2 February 2018
This is a very easy to use toaster that works great, and looks great in my kitchen.  There are several settings, depending on how you like your bread toasted, and special buttons allowing you to cancel toasting, reheat, and defrost.  First rate toaster and no complaints.
Angel Carmona
1 February 2018
I recently moved back to my moms house and she had this old toaster. Ieat toast almost every morning I toast it for everything I don’t like bread that’s no toasted. Hers was old and toast would come out burn. This one does my toast exactly how I want it. Haven’t had a problem with it burning the bread or anything like that. Highly highly recommended.
Luz La Luz
31 January 2018
This nice brushed stainless steel finish adds that fancy look to my countertop matching some other products i have in my Kitchen; I find Stainless Steel with Black combination is classyI put 2 slice of bread in slot as it's pretty wide so I make 2 sandwiches at the time with a total of 4 slices of breadI like the few options with the quick  buttons specially the canceling option and how I can reheat my bread when I  let it sit and gets cold all I have to do is put it back in the toaster and it comes out freshly toastedI like that this toaster has the good look and few other optionsEasy to clean up