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Women in Business and Tech Happy Hour

ToBox is hosting a Women in Business Happy Hour for International Women's Day! #PressforProgress is the theme of this year’s campaign and we are pledging to challenge stereotypes and bias.

There's an age-old stereotype of women belonging in the kitchen and we want to show the world that we do not only belong in the kitchen, but we have roles in the tech industry, business industry, and anywhere we want to be. Women have the power to take on any industry and societal boundaries and gender stereotypes cannot hold us back. At ToBox we believe in empowering women, which is why we have decided to host an event where we can invite women who are looking to help each other grow in our careers. Let's make a difference!

We would like to extend an invite to women looking to network, hear from powerful forces in the work field and/or just make new friends! ToBox will be providing some snacks, wine and non-alcoholic beverages as we host a Happy hour from 6-8 PM.

RSVP here!

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