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Why Cooking is Part of My Self-Care Sunday Routine

For some people, the thought of spending a day, or even just an evening, in the kitchen sounds unbelievably daunting. For me, however, it sounds like exactly the way I want to spend my time - working on a new recipe (or an old favorite) combining flavors, putting something delicious together, and then savoring every bite. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a recipe from start to finish and then not only seeing the result right in front of your eyes, but actually getting to taste it, too? Now that’s the feeling I wait all week to have time for.

On Sundays, I like to stock up on groceries at the farmer’s market or my local grocery store, and then take my time to create something wonderful. It’s only on Sundays that I really have ample time in my schedule to work on a full recipe, which I imagine is the case for most of you, as well. It’s for this reason that I consider cooking part of my “self-care” routine, as it’s something I enjoy doing just for myself, by myself. It is both the perfect bookend and start to my week. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, maybe even just a simple crockpot recipe or quickbread, but it soothes my mind, brings me joy, and gives me the gratification I need.

I also look to my Sunday adventures in the kitchen as a chance to meal prep for the week. Some people choose to go all out with this making every single meal in advance, but for me, I like to keep it casual. I’ll work on a few veggie side dishes or whip up some grains so I can have them on hand for easy lunches or dinners. It helps alleviate some of the stress that comes with planning meals mid-week!

But what I love most about my Sunday cooking is getting to share it with loved ones. Instead of getting takeout, which I usually save for rushed weeknights when we’re out of food, I’ll cook alongside my boyfriend as a sort of activity for a date night in. Since we’re most likely being lazy already, staying in to cook always just feels natural. And when we get to finally sit down and enjoy the food we’ve made, it makes it even better.

If you haven’t tried including cooking in your self-care routine, whichever day(s) it may fall on, I highly recommend it. Start small, with an easy soup or pasta dish, and work your way up. I promise, you’ll feel accomplished, content, and relaxed when you’re finished eating the delicious food you’ve made!

Jordan Drankoski is the one woman star of the foodie blog Dancing for Donuts. She's a regular guest writer on ToBox serving up inspiration and recipes for the mind and soul. She loves spending time in the kitchen creating new recipes, hiking, trying new restaurants and visiting new places.

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