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Valentine's Day DIY

Looking for a quick and easy last-minute valentines gift for your loved ones? We’ve got the perfect last minute D.I.Y. to help you through this sticky situation! There’s no better way to set the mood for Valentine's day than with a homemade candle.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Making a candle is extremely simple and you don’t need to be an expert in D.I.Y.’s to do this. Since we made this in the office, we got crafty and used our Induction Cooktop. What you want to do first is get a pot and fill it with about ½ - 1 inch of water and set the heat settings to low. While the water is heating up, fill the candle pitcher with 1lb of soy wax flakes. Place the candle pitcher into the water pot once the water is hot. Make sure that the water is hot but not boiling or else the wax will melt too fast. (Also, at high temperatures the wax won’t take in the fragrance as well and you’ll be left with an unscented candle...and that would be a little sad)

While the wax is melting, let’s get the ball rolling on setting up the jars. (Make sure to stir the wax using a wooden spatula every couple of minutes) Since 1lb of wax can fill a little more than 2 Quarter-Pint Mason Jars, let’s prepare to make candles for 2. Take out the Wick Holder Sticks and Wick Stickums and attach the stickum to the bottom of the wick (metal end). Once you have that setup, you will want to place the wick+stickum as center as you can in the jar. It is important that you try to hit the bullseye or else the candle will burn unevenly.

Once the wax is almost completely melted, we can add our liquid dye. We wanted to make a light pastel color for Valentine’s Day (Yes, we know...BASIC) so we used red. Here’s the insider trick on how to get the right ratio for dye and fragrance. For every pound of soy wax used, you will need 7-10 drops of dye and 1 oz of liquid fragrance. Of course, this is all based on your own judgment too. Every product used is a little different so if you feel like it needs more dye or needs to be more fragrant...just add some more! We all learn best by trial and error. Once that is all sorted out, you want to let the wax cool to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit before adding the fragrance. (optimum temperature for taking in scented oils). We are using Snuggly Sweater scented oil by Chesapeake Bay Candle because we all dream about snuggling into our soft sweater and just relaxing with our loved ones, so we hope that this is the smell that comes off when we light the candle.

Alright, we are almost done! After letting the fragrance mix around for a little bit, we are finally ready to pour the wax into jars. Pour the wax into the Mason Jar leaving about a quarter of an inch free. At this point, you can grab a wooden chopstick, pencil, or anything else you can find that will hold the wick straight up. Here’s a neat little trick that we used. We used a wooden pencil and rolled the loose end of the wick onto the pencil until there was no more space to roll, then just rest the pencil on the jar. Just make sure that the wick is rolled stiff enough so it doesn’t unravel itself and we’re all set to go!

Now it’s waiting time. Pop on an episode of Masterchef and by the time it’s over, your candle should be all dried up! (and if not...just watch another episode) If you notice that the top surface of your candle isn’t smooth, you can always top off the jar with a little more wax. Once the candle is completely dry, all that’s left to do is cut the wick and add any cute decorations! Wah-Lah! You’ve got yourself a homemade snuggly sweater scented candle!

If this was too much reading, here's a quick video on how to make a Soy Wax Candle! :)

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