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The Perfect LA Valentine’s Date for Working Couples

As life usually happens in your late 20’s, weekday nights are for relaxation and recuperation. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Wednesday, the idea of pulling yourself together for a romantic night full of love and bliss may seem...overbearing to say the least. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of perfect LA Valentine’s Date ideas for working couples!

1. A romantic picnic at the Griffith Observatory.

So this one actually requires you to leave home, but AT LEAST you can leave home in comfy clothes! Pack a picnic basket with a simple home cooked meal, or stop at your favorite takeout spot, grab some snacks and a bottle of wine and voila! Dinner with a view for two. The quiet spot with one of the best views of LA makes for a perfect date without the stress. Also-parking is significantly easier at night with there being free spots at the top being mostly clear! 

2. Movie night in.

Granted, this may sound like a typical night in with but it’s all in the details. What’s your significant others’ favorite treat? Do you usually pick the movie? Pick up their favorite snacks and a few simple decorative items and let them choose the flick! This one is great because it allows you to skip the meal prep and opt for a takeout dinner followed by a movie! 

3. Go Gordon Ramsay on them.

Are you typically not a cook? Well, you may be thinking this is not the night to experiment in the kitchen but going out of your comfort zone for someone and nailing your dish is actually a great way to show someone how much they mean to you and even if it’s barely edible...the first part still stands! (At least you tried, right?) The internet is chock full of quick recipes for 1st-time chefs. Here’s a personal fave list of easy recipes by PureWow!:

4. Our Kiss the Chef Cook-Off.

This year, ToBox has decided to partner with the Pasadena New School of Cooking to host our first ever couples cooking competition. It’s a small intimate event where 6 couples will be challenged to cook a recipe and plate it to perfection for a chance to win a new kitchen set valued at over $250 + 1 free cooking class at the Pasadena New School! We’ll provide entrants with all the ingredients, wine, and some dessert.

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