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More Wine Please!

Wine Nights - the best way to end a stressful weekend. Sometimes you’re just not down to get ready and hit the clubs, but a little buzz wouldn’t hurt, right? Wine Nights mean delicious meats and cheeses that perfectly compliment your glass(es) of wine in the comfort of your own home. Who doesn’t want that?! So call up your friends and invite them over! We’ve got Wine Night planned for you!

First off, wine!

Ah yes, the star of the show! I’ve only gone wine tasting once, but the only thing I took away from the experience was, “Good wine is wine that you like. It doesn’t matter how much it cost - if you like it then it’s good.” So stick to wines that you like! If you hate white wines, don’t force yourself! Don’t like merlots? Then it’s not an option!

Here are some of my wine faves for when I’m trying to ball on a budget!:


Menage A Trois  

Love Noir  

Don’t forget the Cheese!

Back when I was measly Wine Night amateur, I was unaware of all possibili-cheese!!! Now cheese is an absolute MUST. If there is no cheese, there might as well be no wine, When it comes to cheese I love having a variety, but my favorite has to be smoked gouda. Smoked gouda is always the on the top of my shopping list! Along with a soft cheese, like brie, and a hard cheese like, parmigiano reggiano. It's always nice to give your friends options. And honestly, who can have too much cheese?

All the extras!

Balance the wine night with crackers and breads topped with savory and sweet extras! Fill your shopping cart with nuts, marinated olives, salami, fig jam (my favorite!), grapes, and berries. It makes the difference. Plus, it looks great when the table is filled!


Get out the wine glasses, fill them up, lay out the cheeses and extras, and enjoy! Talk through your week with your friends, get a little wine drunk, and have a ton of fun. Sometimes it’s okay to wine a little… (;

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