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Top 5 Worth-While Blue Toasters

Blue is always in fashion. And when it comes to your kitchenware - there's no exception. So we're bringing you the hottest pastel blue toasters on the market from the ridiculously priced(5) to the best deal(1) in town!

  1. SMEG's Toaster

    SMEG's Toaster is one of the most sought-after toasters on the market. With its sleek design and popular blue pastel color, you can have one of your own...If you're willing dish out $150.00...which we arent.

  2. Volkswagen's Toaster

    Didn't know that Volkswagen had their hands in the kitchenware game did you? Well, they do! And note how they styled this toaster from one of their most sought-after cars, the VW Bus. Makes sense that the same style would be wanted in the kitchen. And for $54, we guess you can have yourself some German-modeled toast.

  3. SENCOR Toaster

    This blue toaster from SENCOR is kind of a new one on the scene. Sure its pretty but the price tag of $47 is still a little too much for our taste.

  4. Nostalgia Toaster

    If you'd like to get your hands on a retro toaster thats a bit mor afforadable, the Nostalgia toaster with its retro appeal may be what youre looking for. But we hate to say it - it looks like a toy. But hey, it's only $34?

  5. ToBox's Retro Toaster

    Not to toot our own horns but we're pretty sure we brought you some great here. A clean retro toaster design for only $29! It's literally the perfect blend of style and affordability, and on top of that, It comes with a 1-year warranty! Grab more details HERE!

Well, there you have it, folks! We've brought you the most sought after pastel blue toasters on the market, now you can decide, what's the best deal you'll choose?
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