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5 - Dollar Store Hacks For Organizing Your Kitchen

Remember setting up your new pantry? You set up every spice and condiment in their place. But as time went on, the kitchen started to take on a life of its own and every pantry staple was buried under what seems like an endless sea of ketchup packets and kitchen towels. Good thing there's always a dollar store in every town. Dollar stores carry many random things priced for $1- including these 5 nifty things that will help you get that kitchen back into tip-top shape.

1. Magazine Holder: Plastic wrap box holder

(Image credit: The Wandmaker's Mother)

Never lose your plastic wrap again and always keep your food fresh by attaching a magazine holder to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door or pantry door for easy access and a perfect fit.

DIY Details : The Wandmaker's Mother.

2. Towel Bar: Organize Pots and Pans

Towel Bar to Organize Pots and Pans
(Image credit: goodhousekeeping)

That empty space on the sides of your kitchen cabinet is surely not meant to go waste, rather to be transformed into an incredibly useful storage section that keeps all the pots and pans hanging in place. All you need to do is get a short rail from The Dollar Store and use it to hang the complete range of kitchen pots, or at least, the ones that you use more often.

DIY Details: goodhousekeeping

3. Dish Racks: File your Pans

Dollar Store Dish Racks
(Image credit: indulgy)

If your dining table, the countertop and even that cupboard on top of the fridge has been totally cluttered with dishes all over, these Dollar Store Dish Racks can come to your rescue and get them all in their perfect places in just a matter of few minutes. And yes, the option to collapse the racks makes it such a whimsical organization craft that doesn’t need any further bling.

DIY Details: indulgy

4. Wall Hooks: Gotta Hang 'em All

Hang Oddly Shaped Extras
(Image credit:  goodhousekeeping)

Bottles, jars and food items are surely not the only thing that needs to grab a corner in your kitchen. There is a whole bundle of appliances and utilities that call for an easy-to-use element for a smooth functioning of your day-to-day cooking. But, most of them, such as the blenders and food processor attachments come with odd shapes. Now you can hang them on your cabinet walls with the below incredible hack.

DIY Details: goodhousekeeping

5. Curtain Rod: Cheap Pots and Pans Organization

Cheap Pots and Pans Organization
(Image credit:  cornerstoneconfessions )

Spruce up the way you keep your kitchen pans and pots lying in the shelves, and get them integrated with an ultra-creative Dollar Store organization that uses basic containers brought from the store for just a few dollars as a roll-out kitchen drawer, while curtain rods mounted inside the cabinet door offer a gorgeous way to store the lids of the pans and the pot.

DIY Details: cornerstoneconfessions

Hopefully, this is a great start to your journey to getting your kitchen back!

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