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4 Paper Towel Hacks You Should Know

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Paper towels aren't given enough credit. We keep them in the kitchen and its a staple in the household but all we tend to use it for is to clean our messes and dry our hands.

Hold my drink Susan.  It's time for us to roll up our sleeves and show you how things should be done with our little friend, the paper towel.

  1. Prevent Drips

    Wrap it around bottle necks of oils and sauces to prevent drips. You can fold the paper towel until it becomes a long rectangle (pictured) and essentially tie it around the bottle neck to catch any loose drippings.

  2. Keep Your Greens Green

    The this may be the best way to keep your greens green for a lot longer! You can wrap them up in a paper towel and mist it with a spray bottle (no bottle? Wet, wring out, and lay flat) and place it in a plastic bag and refrigerate! Easy peasy!

    Image result for herbs wrapped in paper towel

    (Photo: ThePioneerWoman.Com)

  3. Fat Extraction

    You know that film of gunk and fat that pools up on the top of your soup that your're cooking? Hate having to keep scooping it out? Paper towels got your back. Fold a sheet in half and safely dip it into the fatty area on top of the soup and extract and toss it out. Simple & Done.

    Image result for fatty soup

  4. Who Needs Filters

    Our personal favorite, using paper towels as filters with a small sieve to filter our tea leaves or coffee grinds! Simply cut a circle out of the paper towel and place it into the sieve and start pouring over the cup! You're set!

    Image result for coffee cup

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