About Us

Our  Manifesto

Coming from a diverse background of nationalities, our team has united in LA under core beliefs which have culminated into our manifesto.

We hope to give you a place to share a common aesthetic: purpose.

In today’s busy society, where family can be thousands of miles away, or unfolding in your new home, you look to your kitchen and home goods to make life easier. 

You invited us into your home through this network and we hope to reward you with quality, service and the chance to pay it forward. Here’s what we promise when you shop at ToBox:

  • Transparency

    Most companies charge an absurd premium for everyday products with their label on it. We offer full transparency into our costs and where we use our profits.Whether it's going to our team, company growth, or supporting local organizations, we aim to put our money where our heart is.
  • Simplicity

    We know that when you chose to shop with ToBox that it's an invitation into your own home, and that's not a responsibility we take lightly. Our products go through a rigorous test process before they make it into our assortment and we ensure every product has one aesthetic: purpose. When you can trust the products you use you get more time for the things you love.
  • Altruism

    A small start up company like ours is looking to make a change, and we challenge larger corporations with more presence and leverage to do the same. 96% of Americans shop online, and if we're looking to make major changes we believe this is a great place to start.